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Advanced and Affordable 3D Sense Vape Detectors



Regulations on vaping in the workplace are piecemeal at best, with less than half of states explicitly banning e-cigarette use in workplaces. With more service and industry workers back in the workplace again since the COVID-19 pandemic, regulations on workplace vaping to protect employee health have never been more important.

Vaping in public spaces is a cause for concern for a number of reasons. E-cigarettes degrade indoor air quality and expose bystanders to risks associated with secondhand exposure, according to a 2020 review published in the Annual Review of Public Health. E-cigarettes also generate indoor particle concentrations similar to those produced by cigarettes, including toxic compounds such as aldehydes and heavy metals and aerosols that have potential respiratory and cardiovascular effects in humans.

A series of pioneering peer-reviewed research articles from Truth Initiative published in academic journals reveal that vaping pervades the workplace with more than three-fourths (76%) of e-cigarette users vaping at work, triggering the urge to smoke and vape in nearly half of tobacco users. In the first study to look at vaping rates in medium and large U.S. workplaces, Truth Initiative finds that vaping is ubiquitous and bothersome to many.

The research also shows high levels of support (73.5%) for e-cigarette-free workplaces from those who don’t vape — the majority of any workforce — as well as from e-cigarette users themselves (53.5%). Given the numerous drawbacks of vaping at the workplace and widespread support for a vape-free environment, it’s no surprise that most adult e-cigarette users (62%) have plans to quit e-cigarettes for good. However, although quit-vaping support is important to the vast majority (84.8%) of employees, only one-third (31%) of workplaces have such cessation programs in place.

The health risks of vaping in shared workspaces — especially risks to lung health — threaten the safety of employees as they return to in-person work in environments with the ever-present risk of COVID-19 and other respiratory issues. Findings from these studies speak to the clear need for employers to address gaps in workplace policies and to provide employees with support to quit vaping and the reason to adopt new technology that can assist administrators in effectively enforcing rules regarding vaping on campus.



Vaping is a big problem in schools these days. Kids are vaping in the bathroom, in locker rooms, in the hallways, and even in class! This can be extremely disruptive and dangerous. Vaping is proven to be a gateway drug, and it can lead to nicotine addiction. As more THC and fentanyl-lined devices and products hit the market, vaping in schools will continue to be a problem. In this blog post, we will discuss six ways that you can stop vaping at your school. We will also provide tips on how to create a vape-free environment for your students.

If you are a teacher or administrator, it is important to be aware of the vaping problem in schools. In order to stop vaping at your school, you will need to take some proactive steps. Here are six ways that you can stop vaping at your school:

Create a vape-free policy

One of the best ways to stop vaping at your school is to create a vape-free policy. This policy should be clear and concise. It should state that vaping is not allowed on school property or at school events. Be sure to post this policy in prominent places around the school so that everyone is aware of it. Be sure to check out the anti-vaping posters on our resources page. Many schools have had success implementing no-tolerance policies where students found in the vicinity of a student caught vaping receive the same punishment as the vaping student.

Install vape detectors

Another way to stop vaping at your school is to install Triton vape detectors in strategic locations. This will send a clear message to students that vaping is not tolerated on school property. Vape detectors are proven to be an effective way to deter vaping. They can also help you catch students who are vaping so that you can take appropriate disciplinary action.

Great for use in:

Health Centers
Office Buildings


The most accurate and affordable solution to end the vaping crisis on your campus!

  • Detect vaping

  • Deter unhealthy habits

  • Defeat vaping once and for all


Simple Set-up

Installs with just a click.

  • 3D Sense comes pre-assembled

  • Installation takes only a few minutes

  • Instructions are easy to follow

  • No need to worry about changing batteries or connecting to WiFi

  • Ethernet used for power and data connection


Automatic Alerts


Know when a someone vapes.

  • Automatic alerts whenever vaping is detected

  • On-device intelligence ensures a low margin of error

  • Alerts are instantaneous allowing you to react quickly

  • Alerts can go to multiple people (eg. principal, nearby teacher, etc.)

  • Easily synchronized with security cameras.

  • Tested to detect vaping emitted from Juul, Puff Bar, SMOK, Vuse, and many other vape and THC emitting vape devices (dab pens)


Save Substantially


The Affordable Vape Detector.

  • The most affordable vape detector, guaranteed.

  • No up-selling or middlemen — the savings are passed onto you.

  • Flexible volume discounts keep unit costs low.

  • We’ll help you find state and federal grants.

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