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About EGWIntelTech Translation Technology Team

We are the perfect solution for large events and efforts such as border processing centers. Because of the ability of our software, you do not need a translator for every language but rather will be equipped with a team of English-speaking translators that are exceptionally trained on our software to act as a panel of translators with the ability to communicate with almost literally anyone from anywhere in the world!


Choosing a translation service provider to translate may be a major decision for your company or organization that can have significant consequences. We believe that having translators that know the languages is not the first priority but rather it is essential that you work with a company that knows your goals, your industry, your needs and your responsibilities.

With our experience in border and immigration, healthcare, law enforcement, disaster services and mass sheltering, we are the perfect partner.

We guarantee the accuracy and faithfulness of our translations to the original text and have placed protocols in place to allow you to monitor our work along the way. We are about quality, security, efficiency and accuracy.

Our diverse team includes not only translators but threat analysts that can assist you in discovering issues before they arise with immediate notification and evidence collection during the translation process.

Understanding how we operate will be crucial to how you utilize our vast experience and abilities so we look forward to meeting with you to discuss your present needs, contract or effort so we can align our team with yours to the best of our ability.

From our EGWIntelTech CEO :

"The evacuation of Kabul in 2021 was one of the most difficult deployments we had ever participated in and it taxed every vendor that became involved.

Translators were in short supply and so a national temp service was called upon to provide translators.  The language barrier only spanned about 5 languages as the evacuees were coming from one region but the process was painful.  During the process, we found translators that had motives of their own and suspected that their position was being used to not only facilitate human trafficking but was also being used to pass messages to "unfriendlies" back in Afghanistan while the rescues were still occurring!

I knew there had to be a solution that was safer and more secure and that concern birthed EGWIntelTech!  Our partnership with Convey911 allows us to save lives!

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