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Welcome to a new world.


After over three decades in the arena of response, disaster response and healthcare, EGWeiss & Associates has officially opened EGWIntelTech, LLC.

Our reputation has been built on finding the right solution for every problem and now, EGWIntelTech offers the very latest (and sometimes sole-sourced) intelligent solutions accompanied by trainings, education and un-surpassed support.

We began our foray into intelligent technology in early March of 2014 as we became a part of a team of hundreds using tech to search for the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. As we began to utilize the intelligence and algorithms of social media in emergency management and its usefulness for disease tracking and epidemiology, we purposed to begin researching real solutions for real response and healthcare.

In this present day, we often hear how AI could be the solution to the world’s problems, but we like to think we are more realistic than that. We still believe that trained and passionate people can save the world and it is our goal to equip those heroes with the best tools available; tools that are designed to meet their needs because the tools are designed with their input.

We believe it is critical that developers focus on user-centered principles that improve current technology, reduce unintended consequences, lower costs, minimize unnecessary features and recognize that one size does not fit all.

For years we have listened to our clients in the healthcare and educational markets as well as those voices of first responders and we have engaged with them all, gathering information and learning what the needs really are.

It is because of those conversations that we created EGWIntelTech with the belief that new technology can be designed and implemented such that it meets user needs, decreases liability possibilities and facilitates public safety whether on a daily basis or during incident response.

As our arsenal grows, so will yours and we invite you to browse the site and reach out so we can meet with you soon. We are confident that you will find us to be available, reliable and seeking to build long-lasting relationships with our clientele.

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