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Enabling public safety, law enforcement, healthcare and public sector  to communicate in any language over text, video, and voice.
Bringing innovation, technology and industry experience to public safety.
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EGWIntelTech provides team-run patent protected, web-based communications platforms providing text, multimedia, video & location capabilities with built in language translation supporting over 135 languages & dialects.

As record numbers of migrants seek refuge and asylum in the United States, we look at a key

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problem preventing many of them from getting due process: inadequate translation for indigenous peoples who speak Mayan languages. Over the past year, of the 250,000 Guatemalan migrants detained at the U.S.-Mexican border, more than half are Mayans, and many speak no or little Spanish. Most of them are forced to rely on for-profit translation by phone.

The facts are incredible. Guatemala has a population of 15 million people, 40% of them indigenous — almost half. In the past year, a quarter of a million Guatemalan migrants have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. At least half of them are Mayans. Many speak little or no Spanish. And the question is: What happens to them when they get to the border?

We found that many migrants who reach the U.S.-Mexico border are not given access to Mayan-language translation at all. In fact, during credible-fear interviews, during which migrants have to lay out why they’re afraid of returning to their country of origin, many Mayan-language speakers from

Guatemala are forced to do so in Spanish, which is a language that they do not speak.

There are many cases of people being deported after signing papers that they just simply don’t understand.

The border is just short of translators that can assist in language translation in languages such as K’iche’, Zapoteco or Chinanteco, but as a translator is found, the need will suddenly change to Arabic, Dari and Pashto. Minutes later the need is for Chinese, Portuguese and Italian as Venezuelan immigrants arrive at the border!


Imagine having one translator that could easily and fluently move from one language to the other as each conversation is recorded and transcribed for record keeping. Imagine having a translator that has the ability to assist you in performing investigations in real-time while maintaining security and confidentiality at the highest standards! Imagine still that this translator comes to you with English as their first language and can perform as part of your team, following your instruction while meeting your training requirements.

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This is what EGWIntelTech brings to the table.

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