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Why call for an EGWIntelTech Team deployment?

Whether you are in need of a team of translators for a hurricane shelter, wildfire or border operation, our teams are highly trained and certified by Convey911 to meet the highest standards and proficiency.

Our teams consist of responder/tech translators that are prepared to operate under even the most extreme conditions and for extended periods of time.

Here is an overview of our training curriculum:

Convey technologies and trouble shooting

Incident Command

Human trafficking, its types, warning signs, and reporting mechanisms

Diversity and Sensitivity

Active shooter/ agressor and de-escalation

Critical stress and self care

Managing and hacking adverse conditions

Cultural awareness

The DOJ, chain of custody and recorded evidence

HIPPA and privacy laws

Basic ASL

Our teams are trained to keep your goals and requirements as a priority. We provide a secure end-to-end chain of custody and have systems in place so that you can monitor any translations at any time. Our teams consist of dedicated people that understand the importance of following protocols and procedures.


No matter the scope or length of your need, our teams have been created to be with you from star to finish.


Our teams are field-tested and ready to operate in the harshest of conditions

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