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Introducing the

Halosil Portage Case (HPC)

As more and more organizations, agencies and corporations have acquired the Halosil Disinfection Systems, we have attempted to add more solutions, tips and tricks to our trainings . We received a lot of feedback from Halosil system users regarding the increased demand for the use of the machines and the need for an easy, safe and effective way to keep the system mobile ans readily available.

It was because of this feedback that we designed and began to manufacturer Halosil Portage Cases.

The HPC is a rugged hard-body case utilizing 3/8" hardboard construction and covered with a water and scratch resistant laminate.  All efforts have been made to protect your investment in your Halosil Disinfection system utilizing high impact foam and flight-ready military grade corners, edges, drop corners and locking latches.

Whether you have standard, EXT or FLX machines, this case has been designed to hold and protect them all as the machines slide smoothly into their custom nest of foam over a hidden compartment that can contain all of your PPE, parts, extra hoses, suction cups, test strips, tripods, etc.  This design makes the HPC easy to move by one person as the entire case rolls smoothly over gravel, grass, pavement and flooring on high-impact quality non-marking wheels.

Cases come standard in deep/gray and purple to match your Halosil systems or can be custom orders to match your agency colors or needs.

Due to demand, turnaround time on cases can be as long as two weeks but are generally ready to ship within 5 to 6 business days.

E.G. Weiss & Associates (formerly C4L & Associates) is the sole provider of these cases with no distributorships or dealers.

The HPC is manufactured entirely in Texas, USA.

To place an order, request information on pricing or to order, please contact us via email using the CONTACT page on this site.

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