E.G. Weiss & Associates is not just a consulting firm but rather is a gathering of professionals dedicated to pursuing excellence in the fields of emergency management, emergency and disaster response, readiness training and emergency planning.

For years, under the name "C4L & Associates", E. G. Weiss & Associates has provided training, keynotes, workshops and consulting to over 2500 agencies, organizations and corporations around the United States and has gained a reputation as a cutting-edge firm with a reputation of a no-nonsense approach to education and response.

Our teams stand ready to assist agencies and communities during disasters and emergency situations with its specialized personnel and equipment. From large planned events such as marathons and festivals to hurricane response such as Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma, our people are geared, trained and on standby.

If it is solutions you are looking for, visit the Solutions page on this site and reach out to our knowledgeable staff.  For years EGW has been a part of research and development of dozens of response and safety solutions including those in the new exciting world of UAV’s.

Looking for a powerful keynote, unique training or life-like full scale exercise?  You are still in the right place.  For almost two decades we have provided all of the above.

When it comes to security, you want the very best at the helm and not just any company with a history in keeping people safe but a company like EGWeiss that incorporates threat analysis and emergency management into the mission.  Whether it is large transport efforts or personal protection, EGWeiss can be that high-level operator you are looking for regarding mobility control and security, personal and executive protection, aerial security platforms, disaster response or large event security.

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Our company's founder has written a new book, "The Definition Of Unprecedented"
We are excited to announce that his new book, "The End Without An End- America's Future in a Post Pandemic World" is scheduled to release in late 2021.
To find out more please click on the 1910 Publishing link at the top of this page.